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Burlington Radio Control Modelers Field Rules Rev. 4.1.2 February, 2012


BRCM is a MAAC Affiliated Club and you may NOT fly at either field without BRCM membership or as a guest of a BRCM member.

The Bayview “Model Airport” and Bronte Creek airfield are maintained for the exclusive use of B.R.C.M. club members. Adherence to the B.R.C.M. Field Rules and Etiquette and the MAAC Safety Code will help ensure continued use of these fields. Continued disregard of the B.R.C.M. rules and etiquette or the MAAC Safety Code will bring disciplinary action by the Club Executive.

Field Rules:

1) New members may not fly until either having had a check flight or joining the Wings Programme.

2) Guests who are current MAAC members or members of a recognized foreign authority may fly up to three times a year with the inviting member present.

3) Transmitters except 2.4GHz must be impounded immediately upon arrival at the flying field.

4) Users of 72 MHz radios must place a frequency pin on the Frequency Board before switching on a transmitter. Users of 2.4GHz radios are not required to use frequency pins.

5) No aircraft shall exceed a noise level of 85 db at 7 meters, jets excepted. **

6) Aircraft shall not be operated outside of posted flying hours.

7) Starting of engines must be done only in the designated starting areas. Engines shall not be run in the pits or spectator area;

8) Running engines shall be attended at all times. The use of a restraint system is highly recommended;

9) Adhere to all posted air space limits. No-fly zones shall not be violated under any circumstances;

10) All aircraft, regardless of type, must fly the normal traffic pattern based on wind direction unless there are no other models airborne.

11) Any high-speed passes or Aerobatics must be over or beyond the active runway – (Bronte) or tarmac runway (Bayview);

12) No taxiing behind the line of pilot stations;

13) There shall be no flying while field maintenance activities are taking place.

14) The maximum number of aircraft allowed in the air at any time will be Five at Bayview, Four at Bronte Creek.

Field Etiquette:

For the benefit of all members, pilots should:

1) Vehicles should not be left in the unloading zone any longer than absolutely necessary;

2) All Transmitters except 2.4GHz should be returned to the impound and frequency pins retrieved promptly after each flight;

3) Aircraft and associated gear should be returned to the general pit area after each flight;

4) Flying alone is strongly discouraged

5) Avoid talking to or otherwise distracting Pilots while they are operating an aircraft;

6) Members should discourage non-members from being in the Pit or Start Up area for safety reasons; and

7) Adequate trashcans are provided – do not litter.

Flying Hours:

Bayview: 8:00am Weekdays and Saturday, 10:00am Sundays – electric or silent models excepted.

Bronte Creek Park: are the open hours of the park, which are posted as 8:00 am to dusk.

** Jets are excepted from Field Rule 7 since they are noisy on the ground but relatively quiet in the air.

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