Doors Open Burlington

On September 28th the Bayview field will be part of Doors Open Burlington. See the link below.

Warbirds 2019 event at Bayview was a great success! The weather was fantastic! hot and dry. We had to deal with some heavy winds on Saturday gusting almost 50 km an hour! But the flying went on to the delight of all the spectators. Sunday was the perfect day for Flying! Trevor Brum flew his 1/3 scale Stearman and his Alpha jet. What a great show he put on! I must say that all of the pilots at our club we’re flying at their best, Peter Foto, Tim Bidwell, to mention a few. We also had a few pilots from other clubs, Mississauga, and the Niagara region. The prize for best in show went to Brian Harrington for his beautiful Lysander, and he did a wonderful job of flying it to scale. I also want to thank Barry and Bob for running our barbeque and planning all food, drinks and ice purchasing leading up to the weekend they did a great job.We should all thank the members and volunteers who helped plan and execute Warbirds over the bay! Months and weeks before the event, members were cleaning barbeques checking equipment and getting ready for this event. Tony Madage and I arrived at Bayview field Friday morning before the event to find this great group cutting the grass setting up PA systems and making sure everything was going to run smooth for the weekend. Tim Bidwell, Ian Brown, Scott McGregor, Peter Foto, Tony Madage, Ashley Armstrong, Barry Parkinson, Bob Fowler, Geoff Norm and many more! It was a job well done by all! I hope we can do this event again in 2020 and make it even better.

Warbird 2019 Photos

Moving Sale:
Norm Harris is moving and needs to downsize.
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The May Issue of Skywords avaiable here 

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Bayview Flood

Highlights of the May 23rd Meeting. – Derived from the draft minutes.

Present: 49 members, including 3 new members.

The meeting was opened at 7:05 pm. Mike Block acted as Chair of the meeting and Vic Wells acted as Secretary.

New Member: Bob Pannabaker, Colin Smyth and Ted Ruuk were welcomed as guests. Colin noted his son Nolan would also be joining.

Minutes: Minutes of the meeting held on April 25, 2019 were approved as circulated on motion made and seconded.

Show and Tell: Several winter build aircraft were presented and owners were warmly congratulated. Several questions, mostly concerning performance, were answered.

Club Annual Auction: Tom Gwinnett acted as auctioneer. The auction was moderately successful, as bidding was limited. As total revenue raised was $480, no percentage of sales was donated to the Club.

Membership: Mike reported on behalf of Trevor that paid-up membership stands at 159. A recent reminder sent by Trevor has resulted in several renewals. Trevor forecasts membership to be 170 to 175 by the summer which is consistent with prior years.

Maidenfest: Mike reported that despite inclement weather approximately 12 pilots attended. The day was considered successful despite the limited participation and Mike recommended that the event be considered again for next year.
Warbirds Over the Bay: Tim report that there are now an adequate number of volunteers for this event. An organization meeting for volunteers will be held on June 6. An advance of $650 for food and other costs was approved at the May 7 Board meeting. It is expected that the majority if not all of the advance will be recouped from the sale of food. Advertising flyers are available for distribution.

Field Improvement: There was no report on status of the field (runway) improvement project.
During the question and answer part of the meeting, Eric Klepsch reported that he had contacted an asphalt repair company. He was advised that the current runway could be improved by filling cracks and adding a topcoat, for an estimated cost of $4,000. Several questions were answered.
On motion made, seconded and carried, it was agreed that this project would be considered as normal field maintenance. As such, further action to proceed or not could be left to the Board to decide.

Web Development: Mike thanked Peter for his efforts to update the web site. Mike reminded all present that the web site is now the primary source of information about the Club. He also asked that information about the Club would be welcomed by Peter. The web site address will be noted when possible on all communications.
Safety: Doug M. reviewed the recent notification from MAAC, confirming the exemption for MAAC members from the revised rules issued by Transport Canada, which are relevant to model airplanes. The exemption is subject to 10 conditions, each of which was reviewed and explained by Doug M. He emphasized the importance of all members keeping their MAAC and Club memberships current. The exemption applies to all MAAC members flying at a MAAC sanctioned field. He has reviewed rules concerning proximity to other air fields (including water sites) and is satisfied with the Club’s position in this regard.
Doug M also reviewed the procedures for reporting incidents and the location of applicable forms.
Doug M. noted that flying is not permitted in a restricted air space, and continues to get a clear understanding of that term.
Several questions concerning applicability and other areas of the new rules were answered satisfactorily.

By law changes: Two by law changes were presented at the April 25 meeting and posted on the web site. Mike asked for a motion to approve the changes. On motion made and seconded, the changes were approved.

Skywords: Nick was introduced as the new Editor of Skywords. Mike reminded members that contributions for Skywords are needed.

Next meeting: To be held September 26. Programme to be decided.

On motion made, seconded and passed, the meeting was terminated at 8.50 pm.

Maidenfest May 4th
About a dozen fliers and another dozen BRCM members braved the miserable weather on May 7 – cold, damp, and grey – to participate in Maidenfest, an opportunity to display the fruits of a winter’s labour. The diversity was amazing. Ashley Armstrong brought out his astonishing Me323 transport, powered by 6 nitro engines. Assembly took longer that than the build time of an average ARF. It didn’t fly, but the fact he got all 6 engines going is a cause for celebration. Trevor Blum dazzled us with his turbo F-16 at high speed.

Air Cadets Model Airplane Course
Starting in January, BRCM members — Ashley Armstrong, Doug Edwards and Geoff Norman — began a model airplane course with the Dundas 737 Squadron air cadets. About 15 cadets joined the course. The goal is to get cadets more involved in model aviation. Ashley is teaching them about construction, using basic Sig rubber-powered balsa and tissue planes. Doug is coaching them on R/C simulators. Geoff does a bit of both. We have also purchased two indoor planes. (Super Cub) to fly in the Community Centre and two outdoor trainers (Sig Kadet). Once the weather improves, we will be getting some of the cadets out to Bayfield for dual instruction. The initiative is supported by a $5000 grant from the Dougher Foundation, administered by the Hamilton Community Foundation.