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Don’t miss the May 23th meeting:

Annual auction and swap meet and show and tell

For the May meeting, we will have our annual auction and swap meet. Bring that excess stuff in and tidy up the shop for a fresh start in the fall. Tom Gwinnett will be our auctioneer again, and Ian Brown and Geoff Norman will try to keep things on track. This year we’re also including a book swap. Bring books, old copies of RC Modeller, whatever, to sell or give away.

See you there

Geoff Norman

Highlights of the April 27th Meeting. – Derived from the draft minutes.

Present: 47 members.
The meeting was opened at 7:00 pm. Mike Block acted as Chair of the meeting and Trevor Brum acted as Secretary.

New Members: Darryl Pension was introduced

Minutes: Minutes of the meeting held on March 28, 2019 were approved as circulated on motion made and seconded.

Meeting presentation: Geoff Norman presented a collection of photos of both real and model planes
taken by John Ham, Geoff Norman and Peter Krautter.

Membership: Trevor reported that paid-up membership stands at 156. He has sent a reminder to members who have not renewed and expects to get to 170 members, consistent with last year.

Web Site: The new site now contains a buy/sell section. A suggestion was made to simplify the process to locate the registration form.

Maidenfest – May 4. All members asked to attend.
Warbirds – Tim reported 14 volunteers have signed up. There will be a volunteer meeting on June 6. The sound system will be discussed.

Wings: Tim noted that there are 20 new members and many have not contacted Tim re: Wings. Tim is restructuring the programme to eliminate ground school which instructors will teach instead.

Field Reports:
Bayview – The gate will be locked so there will be no driving to the chickee. Mower repairs under way and should be finished soon.
Bronte – The field is in good shape although still soft. Ruts in road to parking have been filled with gravel. The road is too wet to use. The mower is ready to go.

Safety: Doug M. reiterated the need for a safety culture and open discussions concerning safety issues versus a policing/enforcing mentality. He reminded members to manage safety before someone does it for us. Members expressed frustration with those members that either do not care and/or disobey the rules. Doug M. asked that all questions and concerns be relayed to the Board.
Action item: It was agreed that a line needs to be painted on the grass to highlight the flight line.

Bayview Field Improvement: We continue to wait for the City of Burlington to return the contract providing for the Club to proceed with the field design at a cost of $13k.
Questions concerning the grass only redesign were answered satisfactorily.

Voting Procedure Changes:
Major changes – the Board accepts the concept of voting on major changes at the next scheduled Club Meeting. Notices will be sent by e mail and posted on the web site.
The necessary Bylaw 1 changes to effect this change were presented by Mike.
On motion made, seconded and carried, these changes to voting procedures were approved.

Proxy voting – The Board agrees that all members should have the opportunity to vote on major issues via proxy if necessary.
Mike reviewed the changes to Bylaw 1 that are necessary to effect these changes.
On motion made, seconded and carried, the necessary changes to allow proxy voting were approved.

Next meeting: To be held May 23. Tentatively this will be the Club’s annual auction.

On motion made, seconded and carried the meeting was terminated at 8.35 pm.

Maidenfest May 4th
About a dozen fliers and another dozen BRCM members braved the miserable weather on May 7 – cold, damp, and grey – to participate in Maidenfest, an opportunity to display the fruits of a winter’s labour. The diversity was amazing. Ashley Armstrong brought out his astonishing Me323 transport, powered by 6 nitro engines. Assembly took longer that than the build time of an average ARF. It didn’t fly, but the fact he got all 6 engines going is a cause for celebration. Trevor Blum dazzled us with his turbo F-16 at high speed.

Air Cadets Model Airplane Course
Starting in January, BRCM members — Ashley Armstrong, Doug Edwards and Geoff Norman — began a model airplane course with the Dundas 737 Squadron air cadets. About 15 cadets joined the course. The goal is to get cadets more involved in model aviation. Ashley is teaching them about construction, using basic Sig rubber-powered balsa and tissue planes. Doug is coaching them on R/C simulators. Geoff does a bit of both. We have also purchased two indoor planes. (Super Cub) to fly in the Community Centre and two outdoor trainers (Sig Kadet). Once the weather improves, we will be getting some of the cadets out to Bayfield for dual instruction. The initiative is supported by a $5000 grant from the Dougher Foundation, administered by the Hamilton Community Foundation.

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