Bayview Airpark Update – May 6

We had to wait for 10 days, but the airfield has been freshly cut and rolled today. Please hold off from using the gate to the chickee as the grounds remain very wet and soft.

You might notice our new weather station button, it is all setup and reporting to weather underground. Our team is working on an a pole adapter and we’ll start getting real wind readings once it is mounted. We are also working on mounting the wifi extender.

Over a dozen pilots were enjoying the warmer weather today. As a reminder for the new season, be sure to perform a failsafe check by having a member hold your plane at half throttle, then shut off your transmitter. If the engine shuts down you are good to go. One of our members tested failsafe on a nitro plane and it went to full throttle. It was corrected before take off.

So be safe, and have fun flying your planes at Bayview Airpark!

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