BRCM-50th ANNIVERSARY (1973-2023)

During the autumn of 1972, a group of Hamilton Flying Tigers Radio Control Modellers had an impromptu get together. They were all from Burlington and in their mid thirties.  Their subject: How about forming our own Burlington R/C flying club?  The group consisted of Dick Fawhey, Wally Moris, Cliff Moore, Charlie Chomos and Harold Jones.  Dick Fawhey was the inspiration since he had an active association with MAAC.  

In 1973, these founding members spread the word of Burlington’s new club, and with about 10 other Burlington modellers had their first meeting in the basement of the Union Gas building on Brant Street.  The board consisted of the above founding members with Cliff Moore as president and Wally Moris as secretary.  

                               Charlie’s Member’s Card 

The club’s first flying site was located at Rattlesnake Point.  Around 1976, the city of Burlington allowed the club to use part of a farmers field just southwest of the hydro lines that cross King Road.  In 1985, the club was informed that their flying field would be closed due to a needed expansion of an adjacent dump site.  However, the city offered another location that had been resurfaced over an old dump site next to the Gun Club-our present Bayview Air Park!  

Charlie Chomos said he was the first club member to fly off this new site.  It was loose fine gravel and lots of weeds.

And so our R/C club is 50 years old, has grown from 5 to 145 members and with our paved runway, we have one of the best R/C clubs and facility in all of Ontario!  

Just two of our founding members are still with us—–Charlie Chomos and Harold Jones.  

So thanks to you both for your inspiration and memories.  

                                   Picture of Charlie and Harold 

Cheers, Ted Pritlove

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