Top Gun 2022

Top Gun 2022 was held on Saturday, July 16, a glorious summer day with little wind. Figuring out how many people attended is tricky, as it’s a moving target but on a few occasions we counted over 40. And we began the barbeque with 72 wieners and buns and were left with two. Very few people had more than one, so we likely had close to 70 people. Ages ranged from several toddlers to a few octogenarians.

Ian Brown called things to order about 9:00 , and then flying began with running commentary, as well as slightly dubious music, from John Ham. Flying was continuous, and at times we had half a dozen planes on the taxiway lined up for takeoff. Started to look like Pearson on a very bad day. Around noon, we got a bit more formal and put together a static display for all to see.

Then came prizes. The kids were  given foam gliders, Tim Horton cards, and other treats. The award for best flight was unanimous, going to Daniel from the Mississauga club, who flew an EDF slightly larger than a paper dart at speeds that were estimated as greater than 200 km./hr.  Static winner was more contentious, with Pete Foto’s Viper and Cary Adams’ B-2 bomber as finalists. Cary won a beautiful static trophy of a Top Gun F18.

John Ham’s incredible photos are attached to this article. Huge thanks to Ian Brown and the other volunteers who made this a great fun fly day

Richard Fahey – June 23, 2022

The club is saddened to announce the passing of life time club member Richard Fahey. Dick was one of the 4 foundering members of Brcm. Charlie Chomos wrote.. A prolific member of Brcm.. Richard Fahey.. in passing

Born April 16/1927 ..June 23/2022.. He was born one month before Lindbergh historic trans Atlantic flight..May he rest in peace…. Dick was also a Maac Lifetime Achievement Award member from 2012.

My Covid-19 – F-18 Build – by Ted Pritlove

The F-18 is my favourite modern jet! In 2011, I bought the just released Freewing F-18 Super Hornet – version 1. A few years later it experienced a sudden death. I knew Dan Black had a F-18 version 2 , so I bought it. This plane now has 124 flights and really looks beat up. Peter Foto had a Freewing F-18 version 3 Super Hornet and since he had purchased the just released Freewing F-18 C, I asked about buying his old F-18. He said yes.