Bayview Airpark Update – May 6

We had to wait for 10 days, but the airfield has been freshly cut and rolled today. Please hold off from using the gate to the chickee as the grounds remain very wet and soft.

You might notice our new weather station button, it is all setup and reporting to weather underground. Our team is working on an a pole adapter and we’ll start getting real wind readings once it is mounted. We are also working on mounting the wifi extender.

Over a dozen pilots were enjoying the warmer weather today. As a reminder for the new season, be sure to perform a failsafe check by having a member hold your plane at half throttle, then shut off your transmitter. If the engine shuts down you are good to go. One of our members tested failsafe on a nitro plane and it went to full throttle. It was corrected before take off.

So be safe, and have fun flying your planes at Bayview Airpark!

Happy 50th Anniversary BRCM!

On Wednesday, April 26, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of BRCM. We were honoured to have present at the celebrations two of the founding members – Harold Jones and  Charlie Chomas. They were presented with engraved glass plaques recognizing the occasion. A show and tell included a magnificent Stinson Reliant recently completed by master builder, Paul Gentile, a vintage Sikorsky helicopter by Don Irvine, a Twin Otter by Ian Brown and an old Midwest Aerostar by Geoff Norman

Ian Brown and Charlie Chomas
Geoff Norman and Harold Jones
Ian Brown and Wayne Bransfield
Charlie, Harold and Ted Pritlove

Bayview Airpark Update…

With the opening of flying season, the volunteers at BRCM are working very hard to get back to having fun flying our planes safely.

  • Webcam and weather station

We had some water damage that caused our router at the clubhouse to fail. Bill Ayre performed his magic and fixed the corroded connector. Our weather station was also damaged and we will be replacing it. The webcam is working, but we have to sort out some changes with our ISP to get everything back online.

  • Field Maintenance

Our Field Manager Ken has filled the roller and he and Dwayne will be rolling Monday morning. He is also preparing the cutting schedule now that the sun has returned to our field.

Please be patient and support your BRCM volunteers!

NOTAM – BRCM Members cleared to land at Bayview Airpark

We have cleared all the hurdles with Transport Canada (TC), insurance, City of Burlington, etc. and are good to go. So we can be up and flying on what looks like a very nice weekend.

Please keep in mind, though, that you must adhere to TC regulations. In particular, you must:

  1. Pass the RPAS Basic exam to obtain your Pilot Certificate.
  2. Register each plane with TC (Google TC RPAS registration or go directly to
  3. Have your registration number visible on each plane.
  4. Read the updated Safety Management Manual
    (especially the new TC Regulations Summary on pages 12 & 13)


Remember to have your flight log and TC Pilot Certificate with you at the field.
Only BRCM members are permitted past the safety fence to the pit and flying field.
We are here to have fun and fly our planes safely.


BRCM-50th ANNIVERSARY (1973-2023)

During the autumn of 1972, a group of Hamilton Flying Tigers Radio Control Modellers had an impromptu get together. They were all from Burlington and in their mid thirties.  Their subject: How about forming our own Burlington R/C flying club?  The group consisted of Dick Fawhey, Wally Moris, Cliff Moore, Charlie Chomos and Harold Jones.  Dick Fawhey was the inspiration since he had an active association with MAAC.  

In 1973, these founding members spread the word of Burlington’s new club, and with about 10 other Burlington modellers had their first meeting in the basement of the Union Gas building on Brant Street.  The board consisted of the above founding members with Cliff Moore as president and Wally Moris as secretary.  

                               Charlie’s Member’s Card 

The club’s first flying site was located at Rattlesnake Point.  Around 1976, the city of Burlington allowed the club to use part of a farmers field just southwest of the hydro lines that cross King Road.  In 1985, the club was informed that their flying field would be closed due to a needed expansion of an adjacent dump site.  However, the city offered another location that had been resurfaced over an old dump site next to the Gun Club-our present Bayview Air Park!  

Charlie Chomos said he was the first club member to fly off this new site.  It was loose fine gravel and lots of weeds.

And so our R/C club is 50 years old, has grown from 5 to 145 members and with our paved runway, we have one of the best R/C clubs and facility in all of Ontario!  

Just two of our founding members are still with us—–Charlie Chomos and Harold Jones.  

So thanks to you both for your inspiration and memories.  

                                   Picture of Charlie and Harold 

Cheers, Ted Pritlove

NOTAM (CANCELLED) – All pilots grounded until further notice!

Dear BRCM Member

As we look ahead to the New Year, one issue dominates the Club. How will the MAAC crisis regarding controlled airspace resolve, and how long will it take? No one can answer this question.

However one thing is clear. At the present time, we MUST abide by the present rules and remain grounded. From the original email:

“the MAAC Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend all outdoor flying activity, effective immediately. “

If individual fliers ignore the suspension, they risk not only losing their own membership, but also de-sanctioning the Club. In another letter, the MAAC president states:

“If you fly your model in Canada in defiance of the MAAC suspension, you could face disciplinary actions from your club and MAAC. If you fly an RPAS you will be flying under the Canadian Aviation Safety Regulations Part IX and could face disciplinary action from Transport Canada which could include fines for individuals and clubs.”

We can hope that this grounding will be temporary, but for the moment, the right course of action is to play the game and be a little patient.

We are moving to explore how we might proceed if the unthinkable happens and MAAC can no longer speak for fliers in Canada. I am creating a task force to explore these issues, and ensure we will be in a position to deal with any eventuality. However, with luck the issues will be resolved expeditiously at a national level and we can resume flying under MAAC umbrella soon.

Geoff. Norman


Message from the President – Nov 28

  • 1) The clubhouse now has an electronic lock. We no longer have to worry about which key is which. For the remainder of this year, until Jan 31, the combination is the same as the charging station and gate. If you don’t know what that is and want to know, email me at and I’ll send it to you
  • 2) Christmas party at the Church, 128 Plains Road E., on Thursday Dec. 15 at 7:30.

Show and tell, swap meet and free pizza.

  • 3) Thurs Jan. 27 is the AGM. We will need some additions to the Board and to other essential positions. Please give it some thought. The Club runs on volunteers – there’s no other way. And if we have lots of volunteers, we don’t have much work for anyone.
  • 4) If you don’t renew your membership before Jan.31, 2023 there will be a $25 late fee. This restores the system in place before Covid. Send e-transfer and application (download from Web) to Steve Waterfall at

Message from the President

It took about 48 hours for the flying season to end. Last week we benefitted from several days of glorious summery weather and calm winds. Then came the weekend and suddenly we’re in winter. It looks like it’s here to stay, so for most of us, except a stalwart few, this signals the end of flying for a while.

It’s also time to pause and recognize the major contributions of many Club members who have contributed long hours to maintain the field and plan activities.


Keeping the grass under control is a BIG job. We have two individuals scheduled each week to cut grass and two others to trim the weeds. That’s each and every week from May to November.

A huge vote of thanks to:

Field managers Ken Sisler, Ross Gosling, Dwayne Baldwin

Grass cutters Ken Sisler, Ross Gosling, Frank Pilih, Dave Darling, Ashley Armstrong, Tony Madge, Peter Foto, Dominique Binckly, Steve Waterfall, Dwayne Badwin

Week trimmers Marty Field, Robert Christie, Mike Penney, Geoff Norman


Ian Brown organized 3 special events over the summer: Maidenfest in May, EDF Day in July and Corn Roast in September. The weather gods cooperated and turnout at all events was amazing. Feedback was very positive. We even got photos from the Corn Roast in the centerfold of RC Canada magazine.

Special thanks to the following: John Ham, Dave Darling, Barry Parkinson, Bill Ayre, Pete Foto, Don Irvine, John Zellman and undoubtedly some others who should also be counted.


Chair Don Irvine

Instructors Eric Klebsch, Paul Penney, Barry Parkinson, Brian Harrington, Branko Jazvac and Tom Norton


Membership: Steve Waterfall

Webpage: Dwayne Baldwin

General Maintenance: Dwayne Baldwin, Bill Ayre

Facebook Ian Brown

Photographer John Ham

We all owe a round of applause to these people who have given so freely of their time. As I assembled the list it didn’t escape my notice that compared to overall membership, they are a small minority, with many folks doing multiple roles.

It goes without saying that without people stepping forward to volunteer, the club would not be sustainable. I am aware that many more people do give their time in less formal ways by helping others at the field. But I hope each of you will give some thought to how you might commit to helping out when the next flying season rolls around.

Geoff Norman