Bayview Airpark – Spring Update

Ken Sisler and Ross Gosling are getting the lawn mowers tuned up. They are looking for helpers doing trimming around the benches, stands, etc. So, come spring,  if you have the time, get in touch with Ken. Just once a month for a couple of hours.

The grounds are really wet, so the access gate will be closed until the field dries up. An unauthorized vehicle snuck in and left deep tracks on our grass runway. We will try to fix it when the weather improves and we can properly roll the field. Note the barrels collecting water to fill the roller.

You might notice the dish connected to the clubhouse. Our board, lead by Geoff, chose Skychoice as our new internet provider. Now that it is working, the weather data has been restored, along with our webcam. Peter and I are working on more cameras and fob access to the clubhouse.

Bill Ayre and Ken Sisler have repaired the flagpole and installed a new windsock.

Lastly, if you notice the lines around the clubhouse, talk to Joe Fazzari about his plans.

Great work guys!

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