NOTAM – BRCM Members cleared to land at Bayview Airpark

We have cleared all the hurdles with Transport Canada (TC), insurance, City of Burlington, etc. and are good to go. So we can be up and flying on what looks like a very nice weekend.

Please keep in mind, though, that you must adhere to TC regulations. In particular, you must:

  1. Pass the RPAS Basic exam to obtain your Pilot Certificate.
  2. Register each plane with TC (Google TC RPAS registration or go directly to
  3. Have your registration number visible on each plane.
  4. Read the updated Safety Management Manual
    (especially the new TC Regulations Summary on pages 12 & 13)


Remember to have your flight log and TC Pilot Certificate with you at the field.
Only BRCM members are permitted past the safety fence to the pit and flying field.
We are here to have fun and fly our planes safely.


NOTAM (CANCELLED) – All pilots grounded until further notice!

Dear BRCM Member

As we look ahead to the New Year, one issue dominates the Club. How will the MAAC crisis regarding controlled airspace resolve, and how long will it take? No one can answer this question.

However one thing is clear. At the present time, we MUST abide by the present rules and remain grounded. From the original email:

“the MAAC Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend all outdoor flying activity, effective immediately. “

If individual fliers ignore the suspension, they risk not only losing their own membership, but also de-sanctioning the Club. In another letter, the MAAC president states:

“If you fly your model in Canada in defiance of the MAAC suspension, you could face disciplinary actions from your club and MAAC. If you fly an RPAS you will be flying under the Canadian Aviation Safety Regulations Part IX and could face disciplinary action from Transport Canada which could include fines for individuals and clubs.”

We can hope that this grounding will be temporary, but for the moment, the right course of action is to play the game and be a little patient.

We are moving to explore how we might proceed if the unthinkable happens and MAAC can no longer speak for fliers in Canada. I am creating a task force to explore these issues, and ensure we will be in a position to deal with any eventuality. However, with luck the issues will be resolved expeditiously at a national level and we can resume flying under MAAC umbrella soon.

Geoff. Norman