Ted Pritlove… Miss Martha… 1000 flights!!!

Ted completed his 1000 flight today with Miss Martha. This was his first electric powered plane, its maiden was Nov 20/09.

For the BRCM record, Ted keeps a log of every flight, of every plane, on every day…

Habu Jet– Jan.17/10 to present—-757 flights

Venom Jet–Nov.27/12 to present—138 flights

Hawker Hunter–May12/16 to present—83 flights

F-18 Super Hornet– May26/18 to present– – 143 flights

Yak-130 Jet– July2/18 to present– 65 flights

Avant S Sport Jet to present– April25/19 to present– 91 flights

Well done Sir Ted!!

Field Maintenance – 2022

One of the least visible, yet most essential activities in BRCM is field maintenance. I have no illusions that I, and many on the Board, could drop dead tomorrow and things would soldier on more or less untouched. But field maintenance is not like that. If they missed one week of grass cutting this time of year, the grass runway would be unusable. Two weeks and the field would turn to hay. Three weeks and you wouldn’t be able to see the runway when landing. And the ticks would have a ball.

Well, this year we have had an even bigger crisis than usual. While we have lots of volunteers, mostly old pros, to run the lawn mowers, until recently we had no one to do the weed trimming. So in desperation, I made a whiny plea for help at last week’s meeting, and to everyone’s surprise, 3 people stepped forward. All are new recruits who just joined BRCM.

Here’s the cast of characters:

Grass Cutting Members
Ken Sisler, Don Belbeck,
Ashley Armstrong, Tony Madge,
Peter Foto, Steve Waterfall
Ross Gosling, Dominique Binckly
Trimming Members
Marty Field, Robert Christie
Geoff Norman, Mike Penney

I have to point out that the new recruits – Marty, Robert and Mike –are just that. All joined in the past few weeks – all except me, of course. (And Mike Penney, who rejoined). The Club owes them all a huge debt. Without them, we would be grounded. For that matter, we also have a debt of gratitude to the guys on the lawn mowers, some of whom have been doing it for many years. And while I‘m on the subject, thanks to Ken Sisler, who has the thankless job of organizing the whole thing, as well as doing the grass cutting.

This is not to suggest that others don’t contribute to the Club activities by volunteering. Where would the Wings program, our pipeline to renewal, be without dedicated volunteers? Others contribute time and energy to running special events or looking after necessary administration like membership applications or maintaining the webpage. Still, I suspect that only about 20% of our members engage in volunteer activities for the Club. In theory, membership brings with it the responsibility to donate time to the Club. Sadly, it may be a good theory but it’s not working in practice.

Back to field maintenance. If some of you were ready to join but fearful of the time commitment, let’s be explicit. Grass cutting is a weekly affair, with 2 cutters, and takes about 1.5 hours early Thursday AM. With 8 cutters, that amounts to a commitment of 1.5 hours/ month. Weed trimming takes place every 2 weeks with 2 cutters – again, 1.5 hours per month. I have trouble believing that we’re all so gosh darn busy that we can’t give an hour and a half one morning a month.

Finally, let’s not be complacent. Just because we kept the wolves from the door this time, we should be thinking about spares who can step up and learn the ropes. I know for a fact that two, maybe more, of the grasscutters are packing it in this year. We’re going to need more volunteers. So step up to plate — please!

And if grasscutting just doesn’t appeal, there are lots of other ways to help out. Ian Brown could use some help organizing special events like Maidenfest. Don Irvine needs good fliers to instruct our new members.

Hope we’ll hear from you.


General Meeting – May 24

Don’t forget the monthly general meeting next Tuesday, May 24, ad St. Matthew Church on Plains Road opposite Skycraft. Meeting gets underway at 7:30 and ends at 9 or so.

We have a special program. Colin Tyrell, who presented his Harvard restoration project at the last meeting before Covid struck (Feb, 2020) has an update. The plane is nearly finished and hopefully will have a maiden this summer. He will be talking about the continuing project

President’s Message – April 12

Greetings BRCM fliers.

Spring is here – at last. One look at the photo on the website leaves no doubt that the winter doldrums are on their way out. On April 2 there were 10 cars in the parking lot!

Speaking of the website, we have a new look. Do we ever! Dwayne has been burning the midnight oil completely rejigging the website to make it much more functional. If you haven’t had a look, do so. And while you’re there, take a couple of minutes to register on the website so we can get some conversations going around topics of mutual interest. In recognition of the new look, this will be the last President’s Letter to go out by direct mail. From here on in you’ll find it on the website.

We had our first general meeting on Tuesday, March 22. We were relieved to see a quorum of members present – 28 in all. We had an official passing of the torch to the new Board. Once again, may I acknowledge the heroic efforts of our Past President, Michael Block in a very difficult time.

After the brief business meeting, Doug Matthews did a presentation on field safety, sprinkled through with interesting anecdotes and observations. It was very well received – Doug is a vast storehouse of useful information.

Our next meeting is next week – April 19, at 7:30 at St. Matthew Church, 126 Plains Road W, across the street from Skycraft.

The presentation will be from Don Irvine, reviewing care and feeding of transmitters, from the basic – fail safe and range check to the eclectic – control mixing, differential movement, etc. We will have one more general meeting this spring, on May

Looking ahead to summer, our first summer event will be Maidenfest on the May 14 weekend, where we will have some expert fliers on hand to help you tune up and maiden fly your new creations. The event runs Saturday May 14 from 9 to noon (or whenever). Rain date is Sunday. Refreshments will be available. The next planned event is a Father’s Day fun fly on June 19.  More details to follow.

If you’re contemplating how to spend the lazy hazy days of summer, one possibility is to assist Ken Sisler and Ross Gosling. They can be reached at bayview@brcm.org

That’s all for now

Geoff p.s. In future, I plan to put all messages on the web page so keep your eyes peeled