Foamy Repairs – Ted Pritlove

With the popularity of foam constructed models (foamies), it is inevitable that we will have structural failures. I have successfully repaired heavily damaged foamies to flying condition using the following procedure. As an example, I recently crashed my Hawker Hunter due to a premature take off and cracked the fuselage and broke off the rudder and the vertical fin.

1: Using the “hot water treatment” method, I plunged the crushed or bent parts into almost boiling water, then messaged (twisting-pulling-pressing) them into their original shape. Very hot wet clothes can also work.

2: I spread Gorilla glue on the broken surfaces. Then holding the surfaces together, I insert 3/8 in. Staple gun staples over the cracks .

3: After the glue dries (Gorilla glue expands and oozes out of the cracks), I cut off the bubbles and sand smooth.

4: Using Gap Lite spackling filler, I fill and sand the repaired areas, then seal the sanded area with Minwax fast drying water based polycrylic.

Finally I paint to match the original colour scheme.

Note: an extra pair of hands sure helps!

P.S. Thanks to Peter Krautter for posting this article and assembling the pictures.

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