For Sale: Helicopter and parts

Align 700F3C kit:

Brand new – unbuilt – just the main box opened for a few pictures. Factory plastic sacks still sealed. Completely original; only the parts in the pics have been handled.

I’m asking $1000 firm.

When I ordered the kit I also ordered a pricey handful of rebuild parts…believing that it was inevitable that the machine would be landed ‘energetically’ at some point, and I’d need to be ready to administer emergency first aid without a 20-day wait for stuff. Sadly, I never got a chance to build the heli…so that big bundle of ‘likely-to-be-needed’ parts remains as it was when new. But once the heli itself is gone I will have no use for the BNSIOP parts–most of which are F3C-specific–therefore with a little negotiation and a little additional cash they can & should go with the heli. So‚Ķplease try an offer.

The pricey parts (aside from the BNIOB canopy) are collected in the later pics – the one that shows about 26 items. The balance are listed below:

HC7602T Canopy $50 BNIOB

HN7055AT Tail Boom Braces $15/ea.

HN7056T Torque Tubes $18/ea. * One with bearings/one without *

H70073A Carbon Tail Control Rod Assembly $15 * Not new WYSIWYG*

HN7047T Tail Booms $25 for sealed 2-packs, $8/ea. for singles. * The sealed twin-packs include the thin steel “bicycle spoke” rudder linkage rod + the guide rings…the rest are singles. All are new *


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