For Sale: 700E/F3C Parts

(Kit is Sold, only spare parts left)

Some of the parts are F3C-specific, and some are cross-over to non-F3C. Please look at the pics and reach out with questions and/or offers.

The pricey parts (aside from the BNIOB canopy) are collected in the later pics – the one that shows about 26 items. The balance are listed below:

HC7602T Canopy $50 BNIOB

HN7055AT Tail Boom Braces $15/ea.

HN7056T Torque Tubes $18/ea. * One with bearings/one without *

H70073A Carbon Tail Control Rod Assembly $15 * Not new WYSIWYG*

HN7047T Tail Booms $25 for sealed 2-packs, $8/ea. for singles. * The sealed twin-packs include the thin steel “bicycle spoke” rudder linkage rod + the guide rings…the rest are singles. All are new *


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