My Big “Yellow Bird” Avanti Sport Jet – Ted Pritlove

Well I did it again! I thought I wouldn’t buy another jet—but –I just did. Barry Parkinson told me Dan Black had his Freewing Avanti Sport Jet for sale; so I told Dan that I would buy it. Then this happened.

Dan approached me saying I am sorry Ted but Eric Klepsch said that he wanted to buy the Avanti. But since he hadn’t confirmed the sale, I thought he wasn’t interested and this is why I said yes to you and since he asked first, he gets the jet.

So I had a chat with Eric. He said all he wanted is the EDF unit for his F-14 Tomcat and if I still wanted the Avanti, he would install a spare EDF unit and I could pay Dan. So now I am the proud owner of an Avanti Sport Jet.

I initially disliked the look and colour scheme of this jet but hearing Barry rave about flying his Avanti, I have changed my opinion—but not the colour scheme.

I began to read all the posts on RC Groups Avanti thread. I installed all the “mods” that other Avanti owners have made to improve it’s performance. A lot of time was spent re-enforcing and repairing damaged airframe areas including replacing all the broken and scuffed up parts.

Now I had to decide on a new colour scheme. Looking through Callie Graphics website, I chose an all yellow US Navy T-28 Trojan paint scheme. Callie agreed to taylor the decals to fit the shape of the Avanti. This winter project took about eight weeks. Eric has agreed to test fly my new Yellow Bird. As I have gotten older, I am feeling more timid when confronted with the unexpected.

I will close my eyes, ears and ignore my impulses when I hear of another jet for sale.

Well Maybe!!!

Cheers, Ted Pritlove

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