NOTAM – BRCM Members cleared to land at Bayview Airpark

We have cleared all the hurdles with Transport Canada (TC), insurance, City of Burlington, etc. and are good to go. So we can be up and flying on what looks like a very nice weekend.

Please keep in mind, though, that you must adhere to TC regulations. In particular, you must:

  1. Pass the RPAS Basic exam to obtain your Pilot Certificate.
  2. Register each plane with TC (Google TC RPAS registration or go directly to
  3. Have your registration number visible on each plane.
  4. Read the updated Safety Management Manual
    (especially the new TC Regulations Summary on pages 12 & 13)


Remember to have your flight log and TC Pilot Certificate with you at the field.
Only BRCM members are permitted past the safety fence to the pit and flying field.
We are here to have fun and fly our planes safely.


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