President’s Message – March 3

Dear BRCM fliers. We had our Board meeting recently, and I am delighted to bring you several items of good news. Survey We had a total of 52 responses. Sixty percent wanted to resume winter meetings; 40% declined. We got great information about ...

President’s Message – Feb 1

Happy New Year to all. On January 13, Mike Block e-mailed all 2021 and 2022 members regarding the Annual General Meeting, which would normally be held on the last Thursday of January. Because of COVID, no meeting was possible, so Michael indicated to ...

My Covid-19 – F-18 Build – by Ted Pritlove

The F-18 is my favourite modern jet! In 2011, I bought the just released Freewing F-18 Super Hornet – version 1. A few years later it experienced a sudden death. I knew Dan Black had a F-18 version 2 , so I bought it. This plane now has 124 flights and really looks beat up. Peter Foto had a Freewing F-18 version 3 Super Hornet and since he had purchased the just released Freewing F-18 C, I asked about buying his old F-18. He said yes.

Foamy Repairs – Ted Pritlove

With the popularity of foam constructed models (foamies), it is inevitable that we will have structural failures. I have successfully repaired heavily damaged foamies to flying condition using the following procedure. As an example, I recently crashed my Hawker Hunter due to a premature take off and cracked the fuselage and broke off the rudder and the vertical fin.

Lancaster – Ashley Armstrong

The plans were enlarged 2 times from a set of 52“ control line drawings published in Aeromodeller magazine ( U.K. ) circa 1960.

The wing span will be 104 inches which translates into 1” to 1 ft or 1/12 th scale.