My Covid-19 – F-18 Build – by Ted Pritlove

The F-18 is my favourite modern jet! In 2011, I bought the just released Freewing F-18 Super Hornet – version 1. A few years later it experienced a sudden death. I knew Dan Black had a F-18 version 2 , so I bought it. This plane now has 124 flights and really looks beat up. Peter Foto had a Freewing F-18 version 3 Super Hornet and since he had purchased the just released Freewing F-18 C, I asked about buying his old F-18. He said yes.

Foamy Repairs – Ted Pritlove

With the popularity of foam constructed models (foamies), it is inevitable that we will have structural failures. I have successfully repaired heavily damaged foamies to flying condition using the following procedure. As an example, I recently crashed my Hawker Hunter due to a premature take off and cracked the fuselage and broke off the rudder and the vertical fin.

Lancaster – Ashley Armstrong

The plans were enlarged 2 times from a set of 52“ control line drawings published in Aeromodeller magazine ( U.K. ) circa 1960.

The wing span will be 104 inches which translates into 1” to 1 ft or 1/12 th scale.