Park Maintenance and Parking – from the Pres.

Whenever I go to the field in the summer and look out over the fields, I am impressed about how fortunate we are to have such a great place to fly. In no small part, this is a result of the supreme efforts of Ken Sisler and a large group of volunteers who contribute many hours each week to keep the grass and weeds in check and do general maintenance.  We should do all we can to help them and show our appreciation.

In this respect to my attention that after heavy rains, as we had last week and will have for the next 3 days, the grass is very soft. Driving a car over the field will leave deep ruts which are very difficult to remove. To avoid this

if there has been recent heavy rain, please park your car in the parking lot, and carry your equipment and planes up to the chickie and startup area. 

A more general issue is one of parking at the fence. To make the field easily accessible to all members, you should only drive up to the chickie area to unload or load your equipment and planes, then remove your car to the parking lot. 

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