President’s Message – March 15

Greetings BRCM fliers.

The end of the long cold winter is in view, as temperature occasionally breaks into the teens. I was at the field a few days ago and some folks were flying. It almost felt like May.

And as of next week, we will resume more or less normal activities for the first time in over two years.

On Tuesday, March 22, we will have our first general meeting, at St. Mathew church, 126 Plains Road W. at 7:30. As well as a brief business meeting, Doug Matthews will do a presentation on field safety, He will review existing rules, as well as the new MAAC reporting rules, and address any questions you may have. WE WILL ALSO HAVE A SHOW AND TELL. PLEASE BRING YOUR WINTER PROJECTS TO SHOW OFF.

(Nicholas Jacobs was supposed to speak, but he has been under the weather with Covid for a couple of weeks.)

Looking ahead, we will have general meetings at St. Matthew monthly: April 19 and May 22.

Looking ahead to summer, our first summer event will be Maidenfest on the May 19 weekend, where we will have some expert fliers on hand to help you tune up and maiden your new creations.

I am also pleased to report that the weather station is now up and running after a long silence, thanks to the efforts of Dwayne Baldwin and Bill Ayre. And if you have not noticed, the spring 2022 edition of Skywords is accessible from the Webpage, Thanks to Joe Fazzari for the literary contributions.

If you’re contemplating how to spend the lazy hazy days of summer, one possibility is to assist Ken Sisler and Ross Gosling. They can be reached at

That’s all for now


p.s. In future, I plan to put any messages on the web page so keep your eyes peeled.

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