President’s Message – March 3

Dear BRCM fliers.

We had our Board meeting recently, and I am delighted to bring you several items of good news.

  1. Survey

We had a total of 52 responses. Sixty percent wanted to resume winter meetings; 40% declined. We got great information about what folks want to hear about. High on the list, a) mysteries of electricity – batteries, motors, props, b) Understanding your transmitter. Accordingly we will start off with s session with Nicholas Jacobs about electricity. All other categories (sadly except for controline flying) were of interest to a majority of respondents. We’ll use that to plan future meetings, (although we may have some surprises along the way.) Ian Brown is in charge of programming, so if you have any ideas let him know (see website for his and others’ emai)

  • Membership

At last count we have 86 signed up members. If that does not include you, you can download a renewal form from the website ( Please note that we are not charging a late fee this year, so fee is $120. If you overpaid that will be credited to your account for next year. Please submit to Steve Waterfall, We will have applications available at the next general meeting end of March.

  • Winter meetings

Based on the survey results, we have decided to have 3 meetings this winter.   The Library is still not open, so we have found an alternative site. St. Matthews Church, 126 Plains Road E., Burlington.  Right across the street from Skycraft. We have a large room with tables and chairs

We had to pick a different night from before. So meetings will be held on 3rd Tuesday of the month, 730-900. Dates for this year are: March 22, April 19, May 24. In March, Nicholas Jacobs will be talking about the mysteries of electricity applied to e-flying. How do you pick a motor. Care and charging of batteries. Matching motor to prop.

Topics for April and May are being finalized and will be announced later

We must, of course go along with provincial guidelines, which means that a) Vaccination status does not matter, b)  Social distancing is enforced, c) Masks are encouraged but optional and d) we have to create a contact list at each meeting, which will be destroyed after a few weeks. 

  • Skywords

Thanks to Joe Fazzari, a new issue of Skywords has arrived. Access it through the BRCM webpage (

  • The field

We are fixing up the weather station and windsock in preparation for another year of flying. A team consisting of Dwayne Baldwin, Bill Ayre and Pete Krautter has been getting things back up to snuff. We have a new Wifi provider – Skychoice — and the weather station is up and running. We’ll also have CCTV going soon. And repairs to the flagpole and a new windsock. We will also have keyfob access to the clubhouse. Stay tuned.

Ken Sisler and Ross Gosling are getting the lawn mowers tuned up. They are looking for helpers doing trimming around the benches, stands, etc. So, come spring,  if you have the time, get in touch with Ken on website. Once a month for a couple of hours

  • Summer plans

Now that life is sort of back to normal, we’ve been thinking ahead to summer events. We have 4 events planned. We’re getting into detailed planning for the first one; the rest are still preliminary.

Maidenfest      May 14

              Bring your new planes out, and we’ll have some experts on hand to help with preflight, trim and buddy system. And if you’re an expert (You know who you are) please get In touch with Ian Brown (see webpage) if you can help out.

Father’s Day Fun Fly    June 19

EDF Day             July 17

Corn Roast       Aug 27

Events are always scheduled for Saturday. If weather sucks, Sunday is an alternate.

That’s about all for now. Counting the days !


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