Report on Bayview Runway Repairs

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by Ashley Armstrong

The Runway committee , consisting of Ashley Armstrong, Brian Harrington , Bill Ayre,  Barry Parkinson and Geoff Norman first started talking to The City Of Burlington on   4 th February 2020. We were able to set up a meeting with the City for 2 nd April. Unfortunately Covid 19 struck and this meeting was cancelled. Eventually another meeting was arranged for 23 rd July. The committee and representatives from the City met at Bayview Field. At this time Brian had 3 contractors all lined up for the work, all were approved to work for us by the City. The job consisted of an asphalt patch approximately 20 feet x 50 feet roughly 4 inches deep at the location of the dip in the runway some additional soil to even out the new edge of the runway.  We were told at this meeting that this was a very simple job and we would have a reply within 2 weeks.

To cut a long story short it was not until 2 nd October that we received a 14 page legal document that when we would have signed it allowed us to START the job.

Between 23 rd July and 2 nd October we had reminded the City on several occasions that we were running out of time as it was becoming too cold and rainy to lay Asphalt , fill the cracks, seal the complete runway and paint a nice straight line down the centre.

As it stands right now, we are in a position to start this work early next year as all of the necessary documents such as Insurance certificates , WSIB documents  construction schedule, original contractors are still in place. Hopefully there will be no additional demands. We will be contacting the City of Burlington early in the new year.

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