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Special Interest Group ?
February 23, 2024
It seems that since Chirstmas, a special interest group has taken over the shed on Friday afternoons. Steampunk appears to be back in vogue. A number of members have invested their hard earned dollars into steam engines. Miniature steam engines that is.

And it appears that at least one member (Ron) has created a time machine like device.

If it indeed works... we'll get a report on it... soon.
Perhaps a month ago.

The Time Lord
And his travelling companions

And just to prove that it may actually work. Here are some pictures I captured while working on our online cameras back in January - Fulko Hew

The wormhole is opening
The invading creature materializing
Plane For Sale
February 22, 2024
It's an Eflite RTF, NO receiver, 1.3m wingspan with water conversion kit.
It uses a 3S 2200mah battery.
AUW ? It's light... I don't know what the weight is.

For Sale - $80

Contact Bill Ayres

FrSky X20-S Transmitter
February 20, 2024
An FrSky X20-S transmitter is available.

Please contact Frank Pilih for complete details.

Annual General Meeting - 2024
February 12, 2024
Happy Belated New Year:

While it’s only Feb. 9 when I write this, it sure feels like spring. Apparently Toronto is on track to topple a 200 year old high temperature record. If it wasn’t for the 60 km. winds, I’ll bet the parking lot at Bayview would be full.

Now to the business at hand.

On Thursday Feb. 22, we will be having the Annual General Meeting, at St. Matthew on the Plain Church, 128 Plains Rd. E., from 7:30 to 9:00. The main agenda item will be election of officers for the 2024 calendar year. Almost all of the Board have agreed to stay on, although some have asked for a different position.


The 2024 Candidates:

President Geoff Norman
Past President Mike Block
Vice President Dwayne Baldwin
Secretary Nicholas Jacobs
Treasurer Mike Block

These are the only 'designated' officers in the club. However, the by-laws state that there will be 13 officers. We have identified areas of responsibility for many of these other positions. I have also listed people for each position, most of whom were on the Board last year and are prepared to stay on another year:

Membership Steve Waterfall
Wings Don Irvine
Safety Alex Hutchinson
Transport Canada Liaison Doug Matthews
Field Maintenance (equipment) Bill Ayre
Info Technology Fulko Hew
Program Ian Brown
At large Eric Klepsch
At large T.B.D.

If you would like to take on any of the positions (whether or not there is an incumbent), please let me know before the meeting, or put your hand up when it’s discussed at the meeting. If there are more than one candidate for a position, we will put it to a vote.

Who Votes:

According to the by-laws, only paid–up members who have renewed for 2024 can vote. If you have not already applied for a 2024 membership, you can renew membership any time up to and including the meeting.

How To Renew:

I have sent notices before, but to remind you, either:

(If you are writing a check, please write the organization name EXACTLY as above. The bank is very particular.)


Keep in mind that our liability insurance applies only to paid-up members!
If you do not have a current (2024) membership, you do NOT have insurance to fly!



We will also have a brief business meeting.


Many of you know Wayne Bransfield. He is an outstanding builder (one of several in the Club) who has built many Giant-Scale aircraft: Lancaster, Halifax, Sunderland. All multi-engine with wingspans well over ten feet.

Wayne has downloaded a digital version of many movies of his building and flying exploits and has given copies to us. We have put some together and will be showing a short (1/2 hour or so) movie. We are delighted that he will attend.

That’s it for now. See you on Feb. 22.


Road Closure
February 5, 2024
Given the number of people who were out with their planes and helicopters on Saturday, it looks like this year's flying season has started. The trouble is that the City of Burlington has decided to start working on North Service Road. As a result, the westbound North Service Road is closed right at the intersection at King Road until at least sometime in March.

To access the field, you must take either:

Do NOT take North Service Road from Brant Street!

Volunteer Appreciation Night
January 15, 2024
"Never in the field of model aviation was so much owed by so many to so few."
With apologies to Winston Churchill.

On Thursday Jan 11, we held a 'volunteer appreciation night' at the Royal Coachman pub in Waterdown to recognize the huge contribution of the folks who regularly volunteer to help out in club activities. About 18 people were able to make it. The beer flowed freely, the snacks were devoured, and the mood was upbeat. Ken Sisler and Barry Parkinson were accorded special recognition, as they are stepping down this year. Or so we thought - Ken is coming back to field maintenance in a smaller, but critical role.

The club owes a debt of gratitude to these members.
Without them, we could not function.

Geoff Norman

Those recognized were:

Field Maintenance
Ken Sisler (Organizer)
Ashley Armstrong
Dominique Binckly
Doug Edwrds
Peter Foto
Tony Madge
Steve Waterfall
Peter Krautter
Frank Pilih

Wings Instructors
Don Irvine (Organizer)
Steve Ablett
Michael Codner
Eric Klepsch
Barry Parkinson
Paul Penney
Branco Jazvac
Tom Norton

BRCM Board
Geoff Norman
Bill Ayre
Dwayne Baldwin
Michael Block
Steve Waterfall
Don Irvine
Alex Hutchinson
Doug Matthews
Ian Brown
Eric Klepsch
Nicholas Jacobs

IT and Website
Nicholas Jacobs
Fulko Hew
BRCM's new website
December 3, 2023
If you are reading this, you are seeing the club's new website.

Many thanks to Wade Weppler and WWWorks for hosting our web site for the last few years. But times change, and we had to move. Even though we are now using GoDaddy, as a club member, you won't even know we moved. The new website may look subtly different, but all the old content is still there. It has been re-written, cleaned up, and it will be easier for Nicholas and I to manage and improve.

One major improvement you should see is that it now just 'works right' and looks pretty regardless of the device you use or your screen size. Everything that you want to know first, is always shown up top... the weather forecast, buttons to the webcams and weather station, and the menus. The other major improvement is that it uses about ½ of the data than the old version did (to accomplish it, and more). So those people on a limited cell phone data plan will be happy. That and the fact that its ½ the previous size, means it also loads twice as fast!

(And the menu no longer floats over the content, and the content no longer scrolls underneath the logo. Things that have bugged me ever since I joined the club!)

If you have any problems or complaints, send them to me at: webmaster.brcm@gmail.com

There is still a lot more work to do, but one thing IS different right now...

For the time being, you cannot 'log in', which means you can't post your own classified or other articles, and you can't leave comments for existing articles. I'm working on that, and will make an announcement when that feature is back, how you can use it, and what the rules will be. In the meantime, If you want to sell something or post about an event (or anything), send the information and pictures to Nicholas or myself, and we'll make sure it gets published.

Finally, with the new host, we also had to endure the pain of changing the email addresses that you use to contact the executive and directors. The contacts page now lists those new addresses.

Fulko & Nicholas

Having Trouble Viewing our Webcams ?
November 14, 2023
Some people have reported having problems seeing our webcams. It turns out most of the reports have been from Chrome users with the most recent versions. It turns out that you are being subjected to the side effect of paranoia of web browser developers. Fortunately there seems to be an easy workaround.

The problem appears to be with the issue of ‘Enabling mixed content in your browser’. Older versions didn’t care. The new paranoid browsers do.

If you are having the problem with Chrome, Firefox, or Edge you can find the solution here:


If you have any other problems, please let me know.


General Meeting – Nov. 23
October 20, 2023
Our November general meeting and Christmas party will be held on Nov 23. at St. Matthew Church, 126 Plains Road E, from 7:30 to 9:00. We will have our traditional rubber band contest, as well as some new activities.
R.C.A.F 100
October 19, 2023
Next year is the 100 anniversary of R.C.A.F. I think the club should come up with a event to celebrate this historic occasion. Ian Brown

Read all about the centenial celebrations here: