Creating TC Registration Labels

A number of folks have asked about the TC requirement for registration labels. As far as I know it has to be visible on the outside, but all they ask for is the number. But now the question is how to put the number on the plane. There have been a few suggestions

No Tech

A Sharpie pen on the underside of the stabilizer.


I may have a simple solution that I thought might be of interest to members who are faced with this problem. To begin, make a copy or two of the official TC certificate you receive after registering your aircraft.  Each certificate clearly displays the registration number which you then cut out from the certificate “copy”.  Using clear packing tape, cut to an appropriate length, centre the paper number, then place the tape over it.  The last step is to take the tape and mount it on the desired location of the aircraft.  Should at a later date the number has to be removed, this can be accomplished with little or no damage to the plane.  When mounted on the plane the number is clearly visible (meeting TC’s regs.) and it does not distract from the appearance of the plane.  This is just a cost effective remedy to this problem and saves members going out and buying expensive decal machines. A quick and easy solution.

Bill Clifford

Medium Tech

After looking into several ideas I finally decided on using Dymo Labels available on Amazon, Staples, etc. You do need at least an inexpensive Dymo machine. 
I used the transparent labels. For most people one label cartridge will be more than enough. I suggest a few people get together which will greatly reduce the cost. I’ve placed my numbers either on the underside at the rear of the plane or on the side below the stab. I then used clear cote available at Michaels in order to protect the label. 

Barry Parkinson

Hi Tech

Years ago, I devised a strategy to reproduce the MAAC required identification. I bought a package of clear stick-on labels at Staples. I then went on Word and created a label, then Copy  à Paste  to create multiple copies, and fool around until they are correctly lined up with the labels on the sheet.

I’ve now modifed it to remove MAAC identifiers and replace with the individualized TC numbers. These were  individually inserted, but no big deal as I registered a batch of planes all at once, so I just had to change the last digit or two . I then printed the sheet of labels. Ink jet ink on clear label paper. Inkjet ink is water soluble, so I then sprayed with clear cote like Barry. One sheet does about 12 planes, so opportunity to share.

Steve Ablett
Extra Tech

I went a little bit of a different route. I contacted B&E Graphix and had them make vinyl decals for me. Under 6.00 usd per decal. Just give them the dimensions and colour you would like.

These are vinyl decals which apply very easy. If you use their spray on solution called rapid tac (8.80 usd per bottle)you mitigate air bubbles. They are very visible and pretty much permanent.

A litte bit of a more expensive way to go. But for your prized machine may be worth it.

Geoff Norman

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