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Annual General Meeting - 2024
February 12, 2024
Happy Belated New Year:

While it’s only Feb. 9 when I write this, it sure feels like spring. Apparently Toronto is on track to topple a 200 year old high temperature record. If it wasn’t for the 60 km. winds, I’ll bet the parking lot at Bayview would be full.

Now to the business at hand.

On Thursday Feb. 22, we will be having the Annual General Meeting, at St. Matthew on the Plain Church, 128 Plains Rd. E., from 7:30 to 9:00. The main agenda item will be election of officers for the 2024 calendar year. Almost all of the Board have agreed to stay on, although some have asked for a different position.


The 2024 Candidates:

President Geoff Norman
Past President Mike Block
Vice President Dwayne Baldwin
Secretary Nicholas Jacobs
Treasurer Mike Block

These are the only 'designated' officers in the club. However, the by-laws state that there will be 13 officers. We have identified areas of responsibility for many of these other positions. I have also listed people for each position, most of whom were on the Board last year and are prepared to stay on another year:

Membership Steve Waterfall
Wings Don Irvine
Safety Alex Hutchinson
Transport Canada Liaison Doug Matthews
Field Maintenance (equipment) Bill Ayre
Info Technology Fulko Hew
Program Ian Brown
At large Eric Klepsch
At large T.B.D.

If you would like to take on any of the positions (whether or not there is an incumbent), please let me know before the meeting, or put your hand up when it’s discussed at the meeting. If there are more than one candidate for a position, we will put it to a vote.

Who Votes:

According to the by-laws, only paid–up members who have renewed for 2024 can vote. If you have not already applied for a 2024 membership, you can renew membership any time up to and including the meeting.

How To Renew:

I have sent notices before, but to remind you, either:

(If you are writing a check, please write the organization name EXACTLY as above. The bank is very particular.)


Keep in mind that our liability insurance applies only to paid-up members!
If you do not have a current (2024) membership, you do NOT have insurance to fly!



We will also have a brief business meeting.


Many of you know Wayne Bransfield. He is an outstanding builder (one of several in the Club) who has built many Giant-Scale aircraft: Lancaster, Halifax, Sunderland. All multi-engine with wingspans well over ten feet.

Wayne has downloaded a digital version of many movies of his building and flying exploits and has given copies to us. We have put some together and will be showing a short (1/2 hour or so) movie. We are delighted that he will attend.

That’s it for now. See you on Feb. 22.