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Wed, Apr 24

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Flying Season Is Almost Upon Us
April 14, 2024
A brief winter was followed by a briefer spring and more winter. However this week it looks like spring has taken hold, and we await the arrival of the flying season. We’re gearing up, lawn mowers are ready to go and a schedule for grass cutting is up and running thanks to Ken Sisler and Bill Ayre. So it won’t be long now.

As you get the planes ready for flying, keep in mind that we have to comply with Transport Canada regulations. You can find the BRCM Operating Manual via the 'Links' item in the website's menus.

(But you will need to be registered on the website and login to see it.
Press the 'login' button to start the process.)

I particularly draw your attention to SECTION 3 - TC/TSB, which describes what you have to do to comply. In particular, remember to register any new models with TC, and to maintain a flying log.

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