Burlington Radio Control Modelers
Wed, Apr 24

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Thu, Apr 25

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Fri, Apr 26

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Sat, Apr 27

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Slight rain
Bayview Airpark
Bayview Airpark is located at 1548 King Road in west-end Burlington. The City of Burlington has an agreement with the Burlington Radio Control Modelers that allows members to use a portion of this park for flying radio controlled aircraft. All members must fly according to RPAS and club rules.

Visitors to BRCM are allowed (by club rules) to fly on 3 occasions and BRCM insurance is extended to them on those occasions. Visitors that are fully qualified under RPAS and our club rules may fly independently, however those not qualified must be supervised. The judgment is at the discretion of their host.

We encourage the public to come watch us fly our planes.
Our field has a 400′ asphalt paved runway (15,000 square foot) with two geotextile taxiways specifically for radio controlled aircraft.
Any day when the weather is relatively nice (calm winds and not raining) we are usually flying. The field is most active from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, and again in the evening from 6:00 pm until sunset. Some of us fly all year round and show up at random times during the day.
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