Burlington Radio Control Modelers
Fri, Apr 12

High: 13 °C
Winds: 28 km/h WSW
Gust: 67 km/h
Moderate rain showers
Sat, Apr 13

High: 10 °C
Winds: 26 km/h WNW
Gust: 66 km/h
Light drizzle
Sun, Apr 14

High: 17 °C
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Gust: 52 km/h
Slight rain
Mon, Apr 15

High: 14 °C
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Gust: 18 km/h
Partly cloudy
How to fly with us

Step 1 - Join BRCM

Download the BRCM application form. Mail your completed form with your cheque to the address on the form or bring the completed form to one of our monthly meetings.

For faster service, make an EFT/EMT payment to 'memberships.brcm@gmail.com'.

Step 2 - Join our Wings Program

At this point, at all times, you are a only permitted to fly as a student with an instructor. Once you earn your wings, you are a polit and are qualified to fly alone.

Note that experienced pilots need only to arrange for a 'check flight' in order to validate their existing 'wings' qualification.

Step 3 - Have fun flying!

Our members fly jets, gliders, drones, helicopters, and drive cars, trucks, sail boats, power boats
…with loads of modeling experience to share.

You have questions? We have answers.
Important Notice
Due to the recent changes with Transport Canada, you must obtain your 'RPAS Pilot Certificate - Basic Operations' to fly models anywhere in Canada. In the interim, while and until this gets sorted out, you can join BRCM without RPAS or MAAC. Note that you cannot fly at our field without being: a) a BRCM member, and b) a registered RPAS pilot (if the model weighs more than 250 grams).

Optional - Join MAAC

Model flying clubs in Canada are affiliated with Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC). To fly at other MAAC fields you must be members of MAAC. You may contact MAAC at 905-632-9808 or sign up directly on their website.