Burlington Radio Control Modelers
Fri, Apr 12

High: 13 °C
Winds: 28 km/h WSW
Gust: 67 km/h
Moderate rain showers
Sat, Apr 13

High: 10 °C
Winds: 26 km/h WNW
Gust: 66 km/h
Light drizzle
Sun, Apr 14

High: 17 °C
Winds: 26 km/h WSW
Gust: 52 km/h
Slight rain
Mon, Apr 15

High: 14 °C
Winds: 14 km/h WNW
Gust: 18 km/h
Partly cloudy
BRCM Rules

The Bayview airfield is maintained for the exclusive use of BRCM club members. Compliance with the Safety Management Manual is required at all times. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure safe flight operations.

Do your part.

Continued or flagrant disregard of any BRCM rules will bring disciplinary action by the BRCM Board.

Safety Documents: